The Best Montana Resort Is In Big Sky


Considering a vacation to Montana this summer? Lucky you! There’s a lot to love about Montana and so many reasons why a Montana Vacation is the perfect trip for anyone!

Montana is one of the largest states in the US (the 4th largest), and yet has one of the smallest populations. The “Big Sky” state is the gateway to two iconic National Parks (Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park). Montana is getting the reputation of being “The Last Best Place” because there is still so much open land, wildlife and beautiful scenery and so many activities available throughout the state. With everything Montana has to offer, you certainly can’t fit everything into a single trip (although it’s fun to try).

Lone Mountain Ranch offers the perfect Montana experience. It’s a blend of a luxury resort and quiet mountain cabin. Each day, you can choose your own experience. Whether you are looking for active adventure or peaceful relaxation. For the active guests, you can get your heart pumping by white water rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, or zip lining. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more quiet and relaxing, you could stay at the ranch for yoga and a massage – or just retreat to your cabin for the ultimate peace and quiet. Of course, you are in Montana, so you can choose some more traditional “Montana Activities” like horseback riding, fly fishing, hiking or visiting Yellowstone National Park.

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Dining at the ranch is anything, but ordinary. Executive Chef Eric Gruber oversees a menu that is locally sourced for true farm-to-table culinary delights that reflect the true Montana heritage. You’ll experience a dining experience that weaves together crafted food and drink that will awaken the tastebuds and satisfy your hunger.

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Evenings might be your favorite part of your vacation. Returning to a comfy, cozy private cabin at the end of each day just soothes the soul.

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Lone Mountain Ranch is a unique place located just up the hill from the small town of Big Sky, Montana – and only an hour from Bozeman, Montana. Without coming and experiencing Lone Mountain Ranch in person, it’s hard to classify this place into a signal category since it is part resort and part ranch. However, it is all Montana, so if you’re looking for a true Montana vacation, you’ll find it at Lone Mountain Ranch. Come join us this summer and experience Montana yourself!


Lone Mountain Ranch was homesteaded in 1915. Over the decades the guest ranch has become and remained one of the best places to vacation in Montana. Whether you learn of the ranch by its dining, cabins, horse rides or any of the other activities you can do on or near the ranch, you’ll find that it is the perfect Montana vacation destination.

  • Located in the town of Big Sky
  • Only an hour from Bozeman
  • We’ll pick you up from the airport
  • Only 18 miles North of Yellowstone NP
  • Incredible meals included
  • Summer Activities all family members will enjoy

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