Grooming Report

  • We are open daily from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

Trail Grooming Report  January 25th


DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on any of the Groomed Ski Trails. Dogs are ONLY allowed on Far east, Crail Trail, and Town Center Trails.

For more information on snow conditions call 406-995-4644 (ext. 223)

Thank you Warren Miller Performing Arts Center for putting on a great show this weekend with In A Landscape!

Good morning Nordics! What a gorgeous day it’s shaping up to be. I hope everyone gets the chance to get over to the golf course today! It’s getting warm again, so time to bring out the power paste. As always, our friendly nordic team is here to discuss trails and conditions. So give us a call or come on down! 

Ski patrol is back in business, so be sure to have your passes ready for inspection, and help us to keep our corduroy clean and friendly!

We will be providing a shuttle to the upper trail sign #18 for $5 per person  (10AM 12PM 2PM), on days that the uppers are groomed. Please call the Nordic Desk at ext. 223# to schedule ahead of time. 


We are all done with our garage sale at this time, we sold out of just about everything. However – we are planning on having another sale at the end of the season, so check back for more updates to come! 

Snow Conditions:  
New Snow

 0” (1/19) 

Base Depth:

4″ Lowers – 8″ Uppers

**Base depth for our groomed trails is defined by how much snow has been packed down. 3″ of new snow packs down to about 3/4″ under the Cat.

Current Temp:

18°F @ 7:30

Forecasted Temperature:


Ski Trails Open:   85 k
Snowshoe Trails Open:   30 k

Upper trails groomed For 1/24 Skiing

All trails Skate and Classic Groomed 1/24

 Boomerang  Groomed & Tracked -1/24
 Dutch’s Detour  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Walking Jim’s Way  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 North Fork  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Mongolia  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Mountain View  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Ridge Run  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Schaap’s Schuss  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Siberia  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24
 Sluice Box  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24

 Groomed & Tracked – 1/24


 Groomed & Tracked – 1/24


All trails Skate and Classic groomed 1/24

 Fanny’s Fling  Groomed 1/24
 Joy’s Loop  Groomed 1/24
 Ranch Loop  Groomed 1/24
 Carlin’s Cruise  Groomed 1/24
 Kid’s Loop  Groomed & Tracked – 1/24

Lower Trails Groomed 1/25

All trails classic and skate groomed



Groomed & Tracked – 1/25

Antler Ridge

Groomed & Tracked – 1/25

Beaver Slide

Groomed & Tracked – 1/25

Middle Fork Groomed & Tracked – 1/25
Golf course

Groomed & Tracked – 1/25

Tree Farm

Groomed & Tracked – 1/25

Far East (Dog-Friendly Trails)


Town Center (Dog-Friendly Trails)


Ralph’s Outlook Closed

Trail Maps are going Green!

Save time in line and download our trail system right to your phone with the Avenza Maps app. Instructions to download and use the interactive app are below. You can also find our trail system on Trail Hub Find us on Trail Hub

Download the Trail System with Avenza Maps Today!

  1. Download the app from Google Play or App store
  2. Open the App and create an account
  3. Go to “My Maps” on the bottom left
  4. Click the “+” icon on the top right
  5. Search “Lone Mountain Ranch Trails”
  6. In Keyword, search “Nordic”
  7. Click free, then “Download” 

Navigating our Virtual Winter Map

  • You can use this map with no cell phone service and still track your location
  • The map key is located on the top right corner of the map, zoom out to locate
  • Clicking the symbol on the bottom left, and use “Record GPS Tracks” to record your route


Operated by permit with the Custer Gallatin National Forest.