What To Pack

Deciding what to pack for your dude ranch vacation can sometimes be overwhelming.  Since the atmosphere at Lone Mountain Ranch is casual, there is no need to pack anything too fancy.  Jeans and comfortable shirts are the essentials during your week at the Ranch.

Summer temperatures can vary greatly throughout the day so we recommend dressing in layers to stay comfortable.  As with any outdoor adventure vacation, sunscreen is a must and with over 300 days of sunshine here in Big Sky Country, chances are you will be out in the sun for many of your activities.  Staying hydrated is important, as it keeps your body’s systems working properly and can prevent unnecessary fatigue.  If you forget your water bottle, we have BPA-Free Nalgene® bottles in our Shop.

In the Ranch B-K (guest lounge area), we have complimentary laundry facilities, so you can rest assured that overpacking is only optional.  Also, the Ranch has a convenient Outdoor Shop with t-shirts, socks, cowboy hats, ball caps, sunglasses, sunscreen, rain jackets and more.

So, to help you with your packing list for your vacation to Lone Mountain Ranch, we have compiled a list of suggested items:

Horseback Riding
-Lightweight, breathable shirts
-Riding boots with a 1″ heel and smooth sole (we also have boots available to borrow)
-Light windproof jacket and fleece jacket
-Long socks for riding, wool or wool blend is ideal
-Rain jacket
-Riding helmet (we also have helmets to borrow)
-Cowboy/ cowgirl hat

Fly Fishing
-Lightweight shirt (no cotton preferably)
-Polarized sunglasses
-Synthetic base layer (Patagonia® or Smartwool) for under waders
-Rain jacket
-Warm jacket or fleece jacket
-Gloves and hat (for cooler days)

-Lightweight breathable shirt and shorts or pants
-Hiking Boots
-Water Bottle

Accessories and Other Items
-Day pack
-Swim suit
-Comfortable clothing (yoga or relaxing)
-Socks (wool or wool blend; no cotton)
-Gloves and warm hat (chilly mornings and evenings)
-Insect repellent
-Lip balm with sunblock
-Flashlight or headlamp (and extra batteries)
-Camera and memory card

Additional Tips
-If you are unable to fit everything, try sending us some of your items in advance via UPS or FedEx. Before using another carrier, contact our office to find out whether they deliver to the Ranch.  Ship your packages to: 750 Lone Mountain Ranch Road, Big Sky, MT 59716 about 10 days before your arrival to allow plenty of time for the items to get here.
-Be sure to leave some room in your bags for any souvenirs or creative items your children make in the Kids Program
-Wear your cowboy boots or hiking boots the day you travel, as it leaves more room for other items if you are wearing the larger, heavier items

Outdoor Youth Adventure Program Packing List

The Ranch is as much a playground for children as it is for adults. The below packing list and helpful hints will ensure your child is fully prepared for any adventure at Lone Mountain Ranch!

The Right Backpack

  • Is it durable – Select one made of sturdy fabric or nylon. Make sure all of the zippers work properly.
  • Has a compartment large enough – to hold the extra set of clothes, swim gear, and shoes, socks, etc.
  • Has an outside zippered compartment – perfect for storing tissues, lip balm sunblock and hand sanitizer.
  • Has an outside mesh water bottle pocket.

Complete extra set of clothing – shorts, t-shirt, socks and underwear. Put them in an extra-large reseal able plastic bag.

Extra pair of shoes – camp is wet, messy and muddy. Include water shoes / sandals; be sure to also include a plastic grocery bag for the wet or muddy shoes.

Hooded sweatshirt – early mornings and cloudy days can be chilly; make sure your child is prepared.

Baseball cap or sun hat – we spend many hours’ outdoors.

Bathing suit

Towel – small one for the creek, we provide big ones for the Falls and Lake.

Goggles – consider buying multiple sets of goggles at your local dollar store. Goggles will get lost, borrowed and broken.

Flip flops, Chacos, Tevas, etc.

Plastic bag – include a plastic bag for wet swimsuits and towels.

Sunglasses – just like goggles, sunglasses get lost, borrowed and broken. Have a few extra pairs.

Sunscreen – Put it to your child in the morning. The counselors will help your child reapply.

Lip balm with SPF

Hand sanitizer


Insect repellent – consider sending insect repellent wipes, as it is easier for them to apply.

Prescription medications – Let councilors know about use.

Water– Freeze two water bottles each night. Put one in the outside pocket of your child’s backpack and the other inside the backpack. As the ice melts, your child will have a cold and refreshing drink.

Rain Jacket

Label everything – use permanent markers to label backpacks, plastic bags and containers. Use iron-on labels for towels and clothes.