Grooming Report

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Trail Grooming Report March 16th

DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED on any of the Groomed Ski Trails. Dogs are ONLY allowed on Far east, Crail Trail, and Town Center Trails.

For more information on snow conditions call 406-995-4644 (ext. 223)

Good morning! 

A phone was found on Andesite loop. If this was you please give us a call so that we can get it back to you.

As many people know, there is frequent moose activity in the Andesite area. We would recommend exercising caution when skiing in this area. 

Trail Update: Due to construction on one of our cabins, the ski trail that runs through the middle of the ranch (from the Outpost to signpost 1.1) is being redirected to our Sleigh Ride Trail, which is just parallel to the previous trail. Just take a left when you get out of the Outpost to test it out!

 If you have any questions please call our desk or come on in and see us. For season/daily pass purchase, you can visit our outpost (8am-5pm, everyday), or purchase on fair harbor and present our retail desk with your confirmation code.  We look forward to a seeing y’all on the trails!

Snow Conditions: Definitely spring skiing out there! Dust off your t shirts & hit the trails. Conditions are getting packed & icy out there-hopefully we’ll get some snow today to freshen things up.
New Snow 1″
Base Depth:

3/16  Uppers “30 in”, Golf Course “22in”, Middle Fork “25 in” Outpost “23 in”

Current Temp:

3/16 12F @7:00 AM,  Feels like 12F

Forecasted Temperature:

3/16- High of 28F, Low of 12F

Ski Trails Open: Uppers, Ranch Loop, Lowers, Middle Fork, and Golf Course Loops
Snowshoe Trails Open: Creekside, Bullwinkles, Nature Trail, and Yellow Mountain are all packed & signed

All trails Skate and Classic Groomed 

Upper Trails
 Boomerang 3/15- Groomed & Tracked
 Dutch’s Detour  3/15- Groomed & Tracked
 Walking Jim’s Way  3/15-Groomed & Tracked 
 North Fork  3/15- Groomed & Tracked
 Mongolia  3/15- Groomed & Tracked
 Mountain View 3/15-Groomed & Tracked
 Ridge Run  3/15- Groomed & Tracked
 Schaap’s Schuss 3/15-Groomed & Tracked
 Siberia 3/15-Groomed & Tracked
 Sluice Box 3/15-Groomed & Tracked

 3/15- Groomed & Tracked


 3/15- Groomed & Tracked


All trails Skate and Classic Groomed

Ranch Trails
 Fanny’s Fling 3/16- Groomed & Tracked
 Joy’s Loop 3/16- Groomed & Tracked
 Ranch Loop 3/16-Groomed & Tracked
 Carlin’s Cruise 3/16- Groomed & Tracked
 Kid’s Loop 3/16 Groomed & Tracked

 All trails classic and skate groomed

Lower Trails

3/16- Groomed & Tracked

Antler Ridge

3/16- Groomed & Tracked

Beaver Slide

3/16 Groomed & Tracked

Middle Fork 3/16- Groomed & Tracked
Golf course

3/16- Groomed & Tracked

Tree Farm

3/16 Groomed & Tracked

Far East (Dog-Friendly Trails)

BSCA- Groomed

Town Center (Dog-Friendly Trails)

BSCA- Groomed

Trail Maps are going Green!

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  1. Download the Avenza Maps app from Google Play or App store
  2. Open the app and allow location access while using the app (skip sign in top right corner)
  3. Click the store tab on the bottom
  4. Search "Lone Mountain Ranch Nordic"
  5. Press Free, Processing, and then let the map download
  6. Enjoy your GPS map: You can track speed, distance, and elevation gain :)

Navigating our Virtual Winter Map

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  • The map key is located on the top right corner of the map, zoom out to locate
  • Clicking the symbol on the bottom left, and use “Record GPS Tracks” to record your route


Operated by permit with the Custer Gallatin National Forest.