Horseback riding

Horses have long been essential to the way of life in Yellowstone Country. For over a century, Lone Mountain Ranch’s team of horses has brought ranchers and visitors into parts of the backcountry that are otherwise unseen and untouched. From galloping on the ranch to venturing into Lee Metcalf Wilderness and Gallatin National Forest, our experienced wranglers and horses are dedicated to empowering riders of all ages and abilities to discover real Montana.

To provide specialized attention to every guest, adventures are limited to a few riders per wrangler. Wranglers will spend the first full day assessing abilities and matching riders with their best horses. Previous riding experience is not required – our highly trained wranglers can teach beginners the skills they need to enjoy their time on horseback or advance the skills of more experienced riders. To ensure the safety of horses and guests in the mountain terrain, we enforce a rider weight limit of 230 pounds. (available mid-May – mid-October)

Fly fishing

Situated between the world famous Madison and Gallatin Rivers, Lone Mountain Ranch is the idyllic place to fish blue ribbon rainbow, brown and brook trout. The fly fishing guides will provide anglers of all levels with the skills and gear they need to begin or advance their sport.

For some, there is no more relaxing experience than casting a fly rod, for others there is no greater thrill. We will refer you to our local partners where they can custom tailor your experience to your interests, skill level and desire to explore.

Yellowstone National Park

Lone Mountain Ranch has a century-long tradition of curating Yellowstone Park experiences – from the history and geology to the backcountry and wildlife. Our naturalist guides are also accredited Yellowstone guides, with lifetimes of expertise and the most comprehensive, turnkey access to the park.

Let us take you for a hike, picnic, photography expedition or to see iconic landscapes and geysers such as Old Faithful. These are our roots, so when you visit Yellowstone with us, you get much more than a tour.

Mountain Biking

The trails behind the property offer both long, spirited rides and heart-pumping adrenaline rushes. Let us set you up with a map, bike and safety gear, plus a picnic lunch and a guide if you’re interested. Montana offers one of a kind mountain biking, and it would be just as easy to spend an hour or a few days navigating the adventure. (available mid-May – mid-October)

Whitewater Rafting

At different points and times of year, the Gallatin River offers class I-IV rapids. Rafting trips are available to guests age 6 and older, guided in partnership with our friends at Geyser Whitewater Expeditions. The river offers many challenging sections or spectacular places to gently float through the scenery. Half day and full day trips are available. (available June-August)

Painting + Photography

Let the scenery inspire your creative side. Celebrated local artist Jackie Rainford offers sharp understanding of drawing and painting fundamentals through oil painting, block painting, nature drawing and other mediums.

During a 2-3 hour class (which includes art supplies and smocks), you will gain the confidence to let your imagination run as wild as the terrain. Photography enthusiasts can be paired with Lone Mountain Ranch naturalist guides to set up the best shots and techniques for landscape and wildlife imagery day or night.

Outdoor Youth Adventures Program

The Ranch is as much a playground for children as it is for adults. This program builds confidence through outdoor recreation, develops an appreciation for nature, and, most of all, gives young people (aged 3-14) the space to roam, have fun, and connect with each other. Kind and energetic staff will lead kids through a variety of experiences geared to entertain and challenge all age groups. (available June-August)

Massage + Yoga

It’s not just a spa treatment, participating in yoga or massage can help you acclimate to the Ranch’s high altitude more quickly, and may even help prevent injury. Unwind your body and mind after a vigorous day, or start the morning with a routine to kickstart the adventure. Certified yoga instructors will take you through Vinyasa style yoga to warm and condition the body while softening and relaxing the mind.

Massage therapists offer a range of soothing styles, from Swedish, Russian and Thai massage to acupressure, shiatsu and sports massage. Add a head massage, Feet Treat or hot stone therapy for extra pampering. Our massage and yoga studios are located in the Ranch’s original B-K lodge. We recommend signing up for these activities at the beginning of your trip to get the most from your time with us.